We choose to use biodegradable packaging which supports our environmentally responsible ethos.

Our wood is sustainably sourced for our oven.

We encourage healthy eating and food sustainability and we understand the impact of catering on people’s health & the wider environment.

We are members of the Greenwich community development agency (GCDA) and support the GOODFOOD in Greenwich program Look for our GOODFOOD in Greenwich pledge towards a fairer,healthier and more sustainable Greenwich.

We have signed a Sugar Smart” pledge with Greenwich & Bexley borough councils and we are actively sourcing reduced added sugar products and promoting the “Sugar Smart” campaign.

We have pledged to support the TRiFOCAL campaign ‘Your Business is Food; don’t throw it away’ by motivating the food industry to take action on preventing edible food from going to waste, recycling inedible food, and promoting healthy sustainable eating.

We are proud long term residents Bexley village and we give back to our community by attending/catering for at least one fundraising event a year.


My idea for a wood-fired pizza business drew inspiration from  being a wild Aussie kid growing up Australian bush in the 1960 & 70s. With the coming of the bush fire season it was a time of fear due to its uncontrolled destruction of the landscape to both its introduced and native inhabitants.

I have always believed that the bushfire destruction is a good metaphor for a new beginning, new opportunities & adaptability to change which is reflected by how quickly the Australian landscape regenerates after such destruction .

I wanted a change and this is why I decided to start an exciting new wood-fired catering business based around the raw thermal power of cooking with wood-fire.

I’ve always loved cooking outdoors, be it at night on a raging campfire down a dusty outback stock route, camping outdoors with my kids in the English summer or just here in suburban London on a BBQ in the cold pouring rain!!

The flavors and sensations created from wood fired cooking are near impossible to beat.


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